In defense of chivalry.


I’ve always had a different take on chivalry than most of my friends. When I was in my early twenties, I noticed that men would often open doors for women they found attractive, but sadly, those women that they didn’t […]

Maybe I should have worked a little harder!

British Airways first class sleeper pod.

Two Ambien in and yet I didn’t sleep a wink on my flight to London yesterday. I don’t know what happened. The first time I tried Ambien, I just took one pill and was out like a light. Not this […]

T-shirts are for Twelve-year olds.

Erik Courtney & Nadine Jolie at SDCC 2013

I thought I looked cool. I really did! After all, who wouldn’t appreciate an awesome t-shirt. If the hipsters can do it, why can’t I? Well, apparently, I can’t. For the last few years, I’ve been under the mistaken impression […]

Everyone wants to be a blogger.

Erik Courtney

Like most pseudo narcissists, I’ve always felt like I have something to say to the world. Getting engaged to a blogging pioneer just fueled that fire. It probably didn’t help to sit at home watching Pawn Stars while my fiancĂ© Nadine […]

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