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About Erik

Erik Courtney
Born in Miami, Florida, Erik received a bachelor’s in Film Studies from Columbia University and a master’s from UCLA’s Graduate School of Film and Television. Shortly thereafter, he worked in feature development at James Cameron’s Lightstorm Entertainment. After leaving Lightstorm, Erik went on to direct THE PERSISTENCE OF DREAMS, a four-minute, experimental IMAX depiction of Abraham Lincoln’s assassination – the only recreation in history filmed inside Ford’s Theatre. He and his cinematographer were also awarded a patent for the IMAX post-production process they invented to create this film. Erik’s next project was his award-winning science fiction short film, FORECAST, which has been shown at festivals throughout the world. In addition to writing and directing, Erik has worked as a visual effects artist since 2004. His credits include CITY OF EMBER, KNIGHT AND DAY and THE TOURIST.

In addition to his filmmaking endeavors Erik is an avid traveler, having been to over 30 different countries.

He has also worked as an IT consultant for over 20 years.


  1. Judy Fiedler says:

    Erik, is this YOU, who used to work for me at the Help Desk at Miami Herald? Along with Manny and Travis….
    Just read about your new show on Bravo and thought it had to be you!!

    • erikcourtney says:

      Hi, Judy! It’s me :)

      It’s so great to hear from you!! Travis was actually in my wedding. How have you been? It’s great to be back in touch. I hope you and John are doing well.

  2. Ed Collins says:

    I wasn’t sure it you were the Erik I knew from the Help Desk until I saw Judy’s post. Hello to both of you from “The Phoneguy”. I guess Manny will be checking in next :-)

    • erikcourtney says:

      Hey Ed,

      It’s so great to hear from you! Where are you working these days? I’m living in Santa Monica with my wife, Nadine. Still doing IT stuff to pay the bills. I still talk to Manny once in a million years, but Travis and I have stayed in pretty frequent contact. He was even a groomsman in my wedding :)


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